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Kinderstukjes [Children's Pieces]

Opus 3[1]


  • This suite is a revision of some movements from the original opus 7.
  • Legley completed this suite on 15 July 1944.[2]
  • Only the first piece (Habanera) can be said with certainty to have been part of opus 3 (see sources). The other parts were reconstructed on the basis of a note[3] by Legley on the title page of Spleen in the first autograph of Small piano music.


  • instrumentation: piano


  • I. Habanera[4]
    • no tempo marking[5]
      Legley KleinePM-8.jpg
    • time signature: 2/4
  • II. Bagpipe[6]
    • first version finished on 12 April 1936 in Brussels
    • tempo: Niet te vlug [Not too fast] (allegretto)
      Legley KleinePM-4.jpg
    • time signature: 5/8
  • III. Lied [Song][6][7]
    • first version finished on 17 March 1936 in Brussels
    • Tempo: Traag [Slowly] (adagio)
      Legley KleinePM-3.jpg
    • time signature: 3/4
  • IV. Burleske [Burlesque][6]
    • first version finished on 19 August 1936 in Brussels
    • tempo: Zeer vlug [Very fast] (allegro vivo)
    • time signature: 6/8
      Legley KleinePM-7.jpg



  1. In the catalogue of SABAM we also find a Petite Suite pour Piano op.8. We assume that this is an error in the catalogue. The subtitle Kinderstukjes was taken from the description of the Petite Suite pour Piano op.8 in the SABAM catalogue. See also Opus 8.
  2. De Roeck/en, p.243.
  3. This note is as follows:
    1. Spleen
    2. Bagpipe
    3. Lied
    4. Burlesque
  4. This is the same piece as Spleen from Small piano music.
  5. In Small piano music, the tempo marking is: habanera-beweging[habanera movement].
  6. 6.0 6.1 6.2 Description based on the corresponding pieces in Small piano music. Possibly Legley revised his youthful works again when compiling opus 3 (1944).
  7. On the title page of Lied in the first autograph of Small piano music, one can still read voor bea [for bea] (someone hase erased it, but it remains legible). This undoubtedly refers to Beatrix Souvage, whom Legley married in 1939.
  8. Title page: Petite suite pour piano | Vic. Legley. op.3. | 1) Habanera