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  • This song on a text by Bernadette de Wals[1] is a youthful work by Legley. It is likely that Legley destroyed the score of this work as well, as he did with many of his early works.
  • It was performed on 18 February 1939, possibly for the first time, in the Concordia hall in Ypres by a singer with the surname Demeyere and by pianist Jan Decadt.[2][3]


  • instrumentation: voice and piano
  • text incipit: De tijd der wilde haren zo zorgeloos en blij [The time of the wild hair so carefree and happy]


  1. It is not 100% sure that the text comes from this poet. Only the title of the song is known, but after some research, only in her oeuvre a poem with that title was found.
  2. See for an announcement of this concert: Willem-fonds - Ieper in Het Ypersche - La Région d'Ypres of 18 February 1939.
  3. See for two reviews of this concert: