Jingle (3rd programme)

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  • Legley wrote this piece as a jingle for the so-called third programme (the predecessor of the current Belgian radio station Klara).
  • It is unclear when exactly Legley wrote it, but it was written before 31 August 1961, the day the work was entered in the NIR library catalogue.
  • Legley based this work on the beginning of the fourth act of his own opera La farce des deux nues, which he was working on at the time. Of the 32 bars of the jingle, Legley copied 20 (apart from the orchestration) literally from the opera, the remaining bars being a development of earlier material.


  • instrumentation: string orchestra[1]
  • tempo: Allegro con spirito
  • time signature: 4/4


  • handwritten parts: Music library of the former NIR, shelf number ALLE 1056[2]


  1. Violin 1, violin 2, viola, cello and double bass. The original orchestration (in the opera) uses mainly wind instruments.
  2. The NIR music library is currently kept in the library of the Royal Conservatory Brussels (B-Bc) (the work does not yet have a shelf number). The autograph score could not yet be found. According to the register of the music library of the former NIR, Legley borrowed the score on 12 October 1961, but apparently never returned it.