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Opus 91


  • Legley composed these simple pieces in the middle of the year 1977, they were intended to be played in the family of Walter Legley.[1]


  • instrumentation: string quartet[2]


  • I. Boerendans [Farmer's Dance]
    • completed on 3 May 1977 in Woluwe
    • tempo: Allegro ma non troppo
    • time signature:
    • key: G major
  • II. Vlinderjacht [Butterfly Hunt]
    • completed on 2 June 1977 in Woluwe
    • tempo: Presto
    • time signature: 2/4
    • key: D dorian


  • autograph (score and parts): Royal Conservatory Brussels (B-Bc), shelf number BV-03-4054


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  2. 2 violins, viola and cello.