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dedicated to Irma Pauwels[1]

Opus 92 A&B


  • Legley might have composed this work for the 175th anniversary of the chapter of the lodge Les Amis Philanthropes.[2] That chapter was inaugurated on 22 October 1802.[3] The link with freemasonry is confirmed by the concert in 1983 celebrating the 150th anniversary of the lodge Groot Oosten van België mentioned by De Roeck, at which this composition was performed.[4]
  • Version A was completed on 16 July 1977.
  • Version B, a transcription for wind orchestra, was completed on 23 January 1979.[5] In 1985, Roger de Pauw re-orchestrated the work, with Legley's permission, again for wind orchestra.[6]
  • See also Legley's preface.
  • A possible first performance of version A took place on 16 January 1979 in the concert hall of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. The performers were the members of the Vlaams Kamerorkest van Brussel conducted by Arie van Lysebeth.[7]
  • The version for wind orchestra was first performed on 19 July 1985 in the city theatre in Kortrijk by the Groot Harmonieorkest der Gidsen conducted by Norbert Nozy.[6]


  • instrumentation:
    • version A: string orchestra[8]
    • version B: wind orchestra
  • tempo: Molto adagio
  • time signature: 4/4
  • duration:
    • version A: 7'[9]
    • version B: 9'[9]


  • recording of version A by Brussels Philharmonic conducted by Jan Latham-Koenig.



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