The music of Vic Legley

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Victor Legley was a central figure in Belgian musical life during his lifetime. He had contact with many European composers, was an influential teacher at the Brussels Conservatory and his music was regularly performed.

He composed symphonic music as well as vocal and instrumental chamber music as well as one opera "La farce des deux nues". His music is fairly atonal, follows classical forms and is accesible to the listener without being simplistic.

In order compile a new thematic catalogue, two previous catalouges have been built upon: "Victor Legley (°1915) - Inleiding tot zijn oeuvre" (1977) by Carine Tessely and "La producció de Victor Legley" (2009) by Ronald de Roeck. These licensce and doctoral thesis are not readily available, are written in a language which is not accessible for everyone (Dutch and Catalanse respectively) and not complete. Some sources which were until recently unavailable allow us to complete these catalogues.

This thematic catalogue will give as complete an overview of Legley's oeuvre as possible and will be freely available online to all those who are interested. The catalogue will appear in late 2015.