Radio play ''De arbeid''

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Radio play


  • The music of this radio play[1] on text of Richard De Cneudt has not been preserved.
  • On 1 May 1942, Labour Day, this work was performed for the first time in the Maison du Peuple in Brussels (and also broadcast on Zender Brussel) by the symphonic orchestra of Zender Brussel conducted by Paul Douliez and the radio choir conducted by Leo Van den Broeck; the texts were recited by Cel[ine] Colombie, J. Peeters and P. Dekelver.[2]
  • The composition was announced in the press as 1. Meispel, but reviews of the concert systematically call it hoorspel [radio play] «De Arbeid».
  • Although after World War II there was originally a plan to suspend Legley for a year from the N.I.R. because of his participation in the National Socialist celebration of 1 May 1942, he was spared as a promising artist.[3]


  • instrumentation: choir and orchestra[4]


  • Arbeid [Labour][5]
  • Fanfare
  • Impression
  • Song of the manual and intellectual workers
  • Song of the Flemish factory workers
  • Song of the Flemish intellectuals
  • Song of the Flemish agricultural workers
  • Song of the Flemish miners
  • Song of the Flemish fishermen
  • Song of the Flemish women
  • Solo for clarinet


  • untraceable autograph/manuscript: Music Library of the former NIR, shelf number EENSTEMMIG 3348. This score (presumably a keyboard reduction) is no longer in the library (at present kept in the Royal Conservatory Brussels'), possibly Legley made it disappear. In the library catalogue the work is called De arbeid, hoorspel door Richard De Cneudt, it was catalogued on 27 September 1971.


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  5. In the oeuvre list of SABAM, one can find several works by Legley on texts by De Cneudt, probably the parts of the radio play. We quote here the titles in alphabetical order.