Hubert Léonard

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Hubert Léonard (7 April 1819 - 6 May 1890) was a Belgian violinist and violin teacher.


Born in Bellaire near Liège, Belgium, Hubert Léonard studied violin with a local teacher, Rouma, from the age of 9. A wealthy Liègoise took interest in him and financed his studies with Habeneck at the Paris Conservatory.  ????Meerts???? Before assuming his first term as teacher at the Brussels Royal Conservatory, he toured extensively in Europe. Fétis says that his nomination as violin teacher in 1849 was to replace Charles-Auguste de Bériot, however de Bériot remained on the staff of the conservatory until 1852 and it was in fact Lambert Joseph Meerts whom he replaced for two years. He was recalled as a teacher on his own right two years later. After finishing his teaching in 1866 due to poor health, he moved to Paris where he died in 1890. His wife was a cousin of Maria Malibran, the wife of Charles-Auguste de Bériot.



  • 1849-1851 - Brussels Royal Conservatory (as a replacement for Lambert Joseph Meerts)
  • 1853-1866 - Brussels Royal Conservatory

Pieces de concours

  • Concours de Violon 1858, Classe de M. Léonard (BBc ARC-M-87)
  • Concours de Violon 1861, Classe de M. Léonard (BBc ARC-M-92)
  • Concours de Violon 1861, Classe de M. Léonard, Mélodie sans paroles (BBc ARC-M-92)
  • Concours de Violon 1864, Classe de M. Léonard (BBc ARC-M-92)

Notable Students

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