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Henri Beumer (11 July 1828 - ?) was a Dutch violinist and teacher active in Belgium and France.


Born in Leuwaarden in the Netherlands, Henri Beumer studied violin Charles-Auguste de Bériot at the Brussels Royal Conservatory receiving his prix d'honneur in the class of perfectionnement in 1852. One year later he married Jeanne Palmyre Sénéchal who had been a répétiteur de solfège at the conservatory since 1849. Beumer himself had been engaged as répétiteur de violon at the conservatory in 1851 upon receiving his mention honorable in de Bériot's class. Beumer and his wife, who was also a pianist, performed often in Brussels including works by the young Vieuxtemps. Beumer climbed the ladder of the Brussels Conservatory being promoted to assistant professor in 1860 and full professor in 1869. He reportedly composed symphonies, concertos, masses, operas and ballets, some of which are documented in the press of the time. Only a handful of these have been found. The press of the time also reports that he was the violin soloist of the Brussels opera as well as for the King of Belgium. In 1869 the Guide musical reported:

  • Deux places sont vacantes au Conservatoire de musique: M. Lemmens a résigné ses fonctions de professeur d'orgue et M. Beumer a été révoqué des siennes comme professeur de violon.
  • Le monde musical bruxellois est en émoi par suite de la fugue que vient de faire un premier violon de l'orchestre du Théâtre-Royal, professeur au Conservatoire. Une dame qui possède, dit-on, quelques attraits et beaucoup d'écus accompagne le fugitif.

The violin classes of the conservatory had in fact its first sex scandal! On 8 April 1869 the director wrote to the ministry of education to report that "a professor" had abandoned his family and left Brussels. Nine days later the ministry replied by revoquing Beumer's position. His wife, who remained a teacher at the conservatory until 1872 was also given tenure the following month.

Beumer's activities after his flight from Brussels are not known until 1875 when he reported toured France with a young female singer (his mistress?) and then in 1885 when he is named as the professor of the accompaniment class at a small division of the Bordeaux conservatory.



  • 1851-1869 - Brussels Royal Conservatory
    • 1851-1860 - Répétiteur de violon
    • 1860-1863 - Professeur adjoint
    • 1863-1869 - Professeur
  • 1885-???? - École de musique Sainte-Cécile, Bordeaux
    • 1885-???? - Accompaniment class

Pieces de concours

  • Concours de Violon 1863, Classe de M. Beumer, pour la Transposition (BBc ARC-M-89)
  • Concours de Violon 1864, Classe de M. Beumer, Mélodie sans paroles (BBc ARC-M-89)
  • Concours de Violon 1865, Classe de M. Beumer (BBc ARC-M-89)
  • Concours de Violon 1866, Classe de Beumer (BBc ARC-M-89)
  • Concours de Violon 1868, Classe de M. Beumer (BBc ARC-M-89)

Notable Students


Works with opus numbers

  • 1 - Six études progressives (NL-DHk)

Works without opus numbers

  • Marche solennelle a grand orchestre (B-Br)

Unlocated works

  • Le jour de fête - opera performed in Brussels, 1864
  • Bul-Bul la Cirassienne - ballet performed in Brussels, 1868
  • Diverse symphonies, concertos, masses, operas, ballets