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  • This work was composed for the 13th International Congress of Youth and Music in 1958 and was performed for the first time on 14 July 1958 during the solemn opening of this congress by the fanfare officielle 1900 de «Belgique Joyeuse» in the grand auditory of the world exhibition.[2] Legley completed this short composition on 5 December 1957. Jean Absil, Pieter Leemans, Raymond Chevreuille and Léon Jongen also made musical contributions to this conference.


  • instrumentation: brass band[3]
  • tempo: Allegro giocoso
  • time signature: 6/8
  • duration: ca 30"[4]


  • photocopy[5] of the autograph and parts: Royal Library of Belgium (B-Br), shelf number Mus. Ms. 3.914 (see here and here)


  1. The work is called Fanfare (Expo '58)' in the SABAM catalogue. As the work for Youth and Music was performed at the world exhibition and no traces of the performance of another work for fanfare at the exhibition could be found, we assume that Fanfare J.M. and Fanfare (Expo '58) are one and the same work. It was decided to use the autograph's title.
  2. Anonymous: Au grand auditorium. Le XIIIe congrès de la Fédération internationale des Jeunesses musicales in Le Soir of 15 July 1958, p.7.
  3. 4 trumpets, 4 flugelhorns, 4 trombones, 2 alto saxophones, 2 baritone saxophones, 2 tubas, bombard, timpani.
  4. Estimation based on the number of measures and the metronome figures in the score. According to the repertoire catalogue of SABAM, the work lasts 3 minutes, at least, if our assumption that Fanfare J.M. and Fanfare (Expo '58) are the same work is correct.
  5. The autograph itself is untraceable. Walter Legley mentions the composition on a sheet (Legley archive in the library of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels (B-Bc), without shelf number) with names of works of his father that still had to be bound. Whether the work was bound somewhere is unknown.