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dedicated to Walter Legley[1]

Opus 98


  • This composition[2] was commissioned by the Flemish Brass Band Federation, for the third Flemish national brass band competition in Strombeek-Bever on 15 and 16 November 1980.[1]
  • The work was completed on 19 November 1979.[1]
  • First performance on 30 May 1980 by the Black Dyke Mills Band conducted by David Loukes.[1]


  • instrumentation: brass band
  • duration: unknown


  • I.[3]
    • Andante, senza rigore, come improvvisando
      • time signature: 3/4
    • Allegro risoluto
      • time signature: 6/8
    • Andante
      • time signature: 3/4
  • II. Molto allegro (after the finale of symphony II)[3][4]
    • time signature: 2/4


  • autographer: untraceable[5]
  • first edition: Maurer, Brussels, 1980[6]


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 De Roeck, p.513.
  2. Volharden means to persevere.
  3. 3.0 3.1 De Roeck (p.513) erroneously writes that Volharden consists of one movement.
  4. This movement is, despite a difference of 104 bars, a rather faithful transcription of the finale from Legley's second symphony: here and there, a few bars are left out or added, the orchestration was evidently altered, the original flow of ideas, however, has remained. In the Legley archive of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels (B-Bc) there is a photocopy of the autograph with many of Legley's notes made in preparation for Volharden.
  5. According to De Roeck (p.513), the autograph would have been in the archive that Legley's son kept. However, in 2011 this archive was donated to the library of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, where this work is not present. Perhaps this manuscript has remained in the Legley family after all.
  6. A copy of this edition is preserved in the Royal Conservatory of Brussels (B-Bc) (no shelf number yet - Legley archive), containing the following text in Legley's handwriting: Avec toute ma | vieille amitié à | Norbert Grimberghs | 30.V.80 | Vic Legley.