Trio for oboe, clarinet and bassoon

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dedicated to the Brussels Woodwind Trio (Cokelberghs[1], Robert Janssens, Leo Van de Moortel)

Opus 11


  • Legley finished this trio on 21 August 1942 in Brussels.
  • The first performance took place on 7 January 1943 in Flagey in Brussels, probably during a radio broadcast, the performers were the members of the Brussels Woodwind Trio.[2]


  • instrumentation: oboe, clarinet and bassoon
  • duration: ca 11'[3]


  • I. Allegretto grazioso
    Legley 11-1.jpg
  • II. Adagio
    Legley 11-2.jpg
  • III. Allegretto (11/8) - Allegro giocoso (6/8) - Allegretto (11/8)
    Legley 11-3.jpg
  • IV. Allegro moderato (7/4) - Allegro vivace (6/8) - Poco più vivo (2/4) - Prestissimo (2/4) - Tempo primo (allegro vivace)(6/8)
    Legley 11-4.jpg


  • autograph (score and parts): Royal Conservatory Antwerp (B-Ac), shelf number MM-BKA-LEGLE-trio-4[4]
  • first edition (study score): CeBeDeM, Brussel, 1956
  • first edition (parts): CeBeDeM, Brussel, 1956


  1. The first name of the oboist could not yet be traced (see recording?).
  2. Tessely (p.162) mentions only N.I.R. Brussel, 1943, Trio d'anches de Bruxelles, in the autograph bassoon part (used by the Brussels Woodwind Trio, see sources), several performance dates are written down, the first of which is 7-I-43. Zender Brussel.
  3. CeBeDeM and the first edition give 12'.
  4. Title page: 89 | Legaat L. Van De Moortel | duur/durée +/- 11 min. | Aan de Heren Cokelberghs, Janssens en Leo Van de Moortel. | trio voor Hobo, klarinet en fagot | trio pour Hautbois, Clarinette et basson. | [two marks of the Brussels Woodwind Trio] | [mark B-Ac] | Vic. legley (op.11)