The fallen friend

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Opus 37


  • Choir composition on a text by Jos De Haes from 1951.[1]
  • Before the work was given the definite title, it was called A friend. It possibly had still another title before, but it couldn't be deciphered in the autograph.
  • This composition was recorded on 19 September 1973[2]. It seems that Vic Nees made a revision of Legley's work for this recording.[3] Whether the work was performed publicly, is not known.


  • instrumentation: double choir (SATB+SATB)
  • duration: ca 15'


  • I. Novemberland
    • tempo: Andante, quasi adagio
    • time signature: 3/4
  • II. Veel verder dan een scherp begrip
    • time signature: 3/4
      • Allegro energico
      • Adagio
      • Più mosso
  • III. Zij[4] dan vergeefs door mij bemind
    • Adagio e molto espressivo
      • time signature: C
    • Più lento e quasi parlando
      • time signature: 3/4
  • IV. Sinds d’opperste vermoeienis u sloeg
    • Andante (quasi ad libitum)
      • Soprano and alto solo
      • time signature: 4/4
    • Moderato
      • time signature: 6/8


  • manuscript[5]: Royal Conservatory Brussels (B-Bc), no shelf number (CeBeDeM 354/2627)


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  2. A document in the Legley archives of the Royal Conservatory Brussels (no shelf number yet) shows that the BRT radio choir conducted by Vic Nees recorded this work on this day. This recording has not been retrieved yet.
  3. See the catalogue with recordings of Legley's works (Legley archives - Royal Conservatory Brussels), which reads on page 4: een vriend | V.Legley | J.De Haes | enigszins bewerkt Vic Nees [EN: a friend | V.Legley | J.De Haes | slightly arranged by Vic Nees]. The word slightly has been made illegible by tipp-ex.
  4. De Roeck (p.318) writes Wees.
  5. Possibly Vic Nees' handwriting. See history.