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dedicated to Karel Van de Velde

Ik weet niet of de dingen[1]
die mij omringen
weten dat ik van ze hou.
(Diana Danys)

Opus 81 n° 3


  • Composed from June to November[2] 1973 in Koksijde and Sint-Pieters-Woluwe.
  • First performance on 21 January 1975 in the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels by the Trio à cordes de Paris.[3]


  • instrumentation: string trio[4]
  • duration: ca 15'


  • I.
    • Lento, maestoso e sonore
    • Non troppo allegro, ma leggiero e spiritoso
      • time signature: 4/4
        Legley 81-3-1.jpg
  • II. Minuetto
    • Allegretto commodo (tempo di minuetto)
      • time signature: 3/4
        Legley 81-3-2.jpg
    • Lento, maestoso e sonore
  • III. Adagio
    • time signature: 4/4
      Legley 81-3-3.jpg
  • IV. Finale
    • tempo: Allegro commodo
    • time signature: 2/2
      Legley 81-3-4.jpg


  • autograph: Royal Conservatory Brussels (B-Bc), shelf number BV-03-4047
  • first edition (score and parts): CeBeDeM, Brussels, 1977


  1. In de eerste uitgave: Ik ben vergeten of de...
  2. De Roeck (p.465) erroneously gives date of completion July.
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  4. Violin, viola and cello.