Sonata for violin and piano

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dedicated to Henri Desclin and Marthe Crickboom

Opus 12


  • This sonata[1] was finished on 22 November 1942[2] in Brussels.
  • The work was first performed by violinist Henri Desclin and pianist Marthe Crickboom in the Palace for Fine Arts in Brussels.[3][4]


  • instrumentation: violin and piano[5]
  • duration: ca 12'[6]


  • I. Allegro (2/4)
    Legley 12-1.jpg
  • II. Grazioso (2/4) - Andante cantabile (C)
    Legley 12-2.jpg
  • III. Allegro vivace (3/8)
    Legley 12-3.jpg


  • autograph 1: Royal Library of Belgium (B-Br), shelf number Mus. Ms. 681
  • autograph 2: Manuscript in a private collection, that once must have belonged to Gaby Altmann[7], whose signature figures on the title page[8]
  • first edition (score and violin part): CeBeDeM, Brussel, 1955[9]


  1. In both autographs the work is still called suite, the first edition however gives sonata.
  2. Tessely (p.66), De Roeck (p.263) and the first edition all give 1943 as year of composition, without giving an exact date. Both autographs however contradict this.
  3. CeBeDeM - lijst werken: Oeuvres de Victor Legley, p.1. More details are not known.
  4. The first fully documented perfomance took place in October 1956 in the house of Albert Hustin, performers were Robert Hosselet (violin) and Suzanne Hennebert (piano), see De Roeck (p.264).
  5. A newspaper article in Het Ypersche on 26 November 1943 (De Stad Ieper en hare Muziekakademie andermaal aan de eer) mentions a suite for viola and piano, we suspect this is a misprint.
  6. This is what the first edition tells, the recording by Jenny Spanoghe and Daniel Blumenthal for the label Gailly however, lasts 16'30".
  7. A violinist to whom Legley dedicated his serenade for 2 violins and piano.
  8. Title page: [signature Gaby Altmann] | suite | voor viool en piano | pour violon et piano | vic legley (op 12.)
  9. Tessely (p.66) mistakenly gives 1954.