Sonata for piano 1

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dedicated to Frieda Pey

Opus 23


  • This sonata was finished at the latest in April 1946 in Brussels, as it was first performed in the same month by Frieda Pey in Brussels.[1]


  • instrumentation: piano
  • duration: ca 16'


  • I. Allegro
    • time signature: 4/4
      Legley 23-1.jpg
  • II. Andante molto espressivo e doloroso
    • time signature: C
      Legley 23-2.jpg
  • III.
    • Andantino grazioso
      • time signature: 6/8
    • Vivace leggiero
      • time signature: 2/4
    • Subito tempo primo
      • time signature: 6/8
        Legley 23-3.jpg
  • IV. Finale
    • tempo: Allegro vivace
    • time signature: 3/4
      Legley 23-4.jpg


  • autograph: Music library of the former NIR, shelf number KAMER 469[2]
  • first edition: CeBeDeM, Brussels, 1955


  1. CeBeDeM - lijst werken: Œuvres de Victor Legley, p.1. More details are not known. On 7 July of that year, the work was performed on the radio station Zender Brussel by Frieda Pey (see the radio programmes in e.g. Gazet van Antwerpen of 6 July 1946 (p.5), La Libre Belgique of 7 July 1946 (p.4) and De Nieuwe Standaard of 7 July 1946 (p.4).
  2. The music library of the NIR is currently kept in the library of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, but has not yet been fully inventoried. A photocopy of the autograph can be found in the same library, shelf number CBD-B-0036-(00244).