Small suite for piano

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Children's pieces[1]

Opus 3


  • This suite is a revision of some movements from the original opus 7.
  • Legley finished his suite op 15 July 1944.[2]
  • Only the first movement (Habanera) can be assigned with certainty to opus 3 (see sources). The attribution of the other movements is supported by a note[3] by Legley on the title page of Spleen in the first autograph of Small piano music.


  • instrumentation: piano


  • I. Habanera[4]
    • no tempo indication[5]
      Legley KleinePM-8.jpg
    • time signature: 2/4
  • II. Bagpipe[6]
    • first version finished on 12 April 1936 in Brussels
    • tempo: Niet te vlug [Not too fast] (allegretto)
      Legley KleinePM-4.jpg
    • time signature: 5/8
  • III. Lied [Song][6][7]
    • first version finished on 17 March 1936 in Brussels
    • tempo: Traag [Slowly] (adagio)
      Legley KleinePM-3.jpg
    • time signature: 3/4
  • IV. Burleske [Burlesque][6]
    • first version finished on 19 August 1936 in Brussels
    • tempo: Zeer vlug [Very fast] (allegro vivo)
    • time signature: 6/8
      Legley KleinePM-7.jpg



  1. The subtitle is copied from opus 8, to which opus 3 is probably identical.
  2. De Roeck, p.243.
  3. This note is:
    1. Spleen
    2. Bagpipe
    3. Lied
    4. Burlesque
  4. This work is identical to Spleen in Small piano music.
  5. In Small piano music, the tempo is: habanera-beweging [habanera movement].
  6. 6.0 6.1 6.2 Description based on the corresponding pieces in Small piano music. Possibly, Legley revised his youth compositions when compiling opus 3 (1944).
  7. On the title page of "Lied" in the first autograph of Small piano music, one still can read "voor bea" [for bea] (someone has erased it, but it still can be deciphered). This is clearly a reference to Beatrix Souvage, whom Legley married in 1939.
  8. Title page: Petite suite pour piano | Vic. Legley. op.3. | 1) Habanera