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In 2011 Walter Legley donated an extensive part of his archive to the library of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels (Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel). This donation included a hundred manuscripts, numerous books, scores and concert programmes, all of which had once belonged to his father, Victor Legley (1915-1994).

This exceptional acquisition for the conservatory library was the impulse for a new catalogue of Legley's oeuvre, to which Koenraad Sterckx devoted himself in the years 2013-2021.

For the compilation of this catalogue, two older important catalogues were built on:

New source research allowed to complete these catalogues and to gain a (hopefully) complete overview of Legley's oeuvre.

Victor Legley

For the composer's biography, we refer to the following websites:

Notes on the catalogue

Some principles that apply to all pages describing Legley's compositions:

  • when no explicit reference is made to a source, that source is the autograph (sometimes a photocopy of it);
  • when Legley didn't specify the duration of a composition in his autograph, we take over the duration given by the former CeBeDeM, without explicitly referring to it; in a few cases other sources had to be consulted, these are explicitly referred to;
  • when referring to Tessely, we adopt the pagination used by De Roeck when referring to Tessely;
  • tempo indications are tacitly corrected: e.g. grazioso instead of Legley's usual incorrect gracioso.


I would like to thank the following persons who helped me to realize this catalogue:

  • first of all my colleagues in the library of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, especially Joachim, Johan, Olivia and Richard for their assistance
  • Emmanuel Sproelants and Pieterjan Hermans of the music library of the Flemish Radio Choir (Vlaams Radiokoor) and Brussels Philharmonic
  • Hugo Sledsens of the VRT archives
  • Ronald de Roeck
  • Carine Tessely

Koenraad Sterckx, 2013-2021