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In 2011, Walter Legley donated a large part of his archives to the library of the Royal Conservatory in Brussels (Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel). This donation contained some 100 autographs, many books, scores and concert programmes that once all had belonged to his father, Victor Legley (1915-1994).

This exceptional acquisition gave the impulse for the compilation of a new catalogue of Legley's works, on which Koenraad Sterckx worked in the years 2013-2016.

In order compile a new thematic catalogue, two previous important catalogues have been built upon:

Newly discovered sources allowed us to complete these catalogues and to gain a (hopefully) complete overview of Legley's works.

Victor Legley

For the composer's biography, we refer to the following websites:

Remarks on the catalogue

Some principles that apply to all pages describing Legley's compositions:

  • when no explicit reference is made to a source, the source is the autograph score (sometimes a photocopy of it);
  • when Legley didn't specify the duration of a composition in his autograph, we copy the duration given by CeBeDeM, without explicitly referring to it; in some cases other sources had to be consulted, to which we do refer explicitly;
  • when referring to Tessely, we use the pagination proposed by De Roeck when he refers to Tessely;
  • tempo indications are corrected without comment: e.g. grazioso instead of Legley's usual gracioso.


I'd like to thank all persons who have helped me compile this catalogue:

  • first of all, all my colleagues in the library of the Royal Conservatory in Brussels, especially Joachim, Johan, Olivia and Richard for their assistance
  • Emmanuel Sproelants and Pieterjan Hermans from the music library of the Vlaams Radiokoor and Brussels Philharmonic
  • Hugo Sledsens from the VRT archives
  • Ronald de Roeck
  • Carine Tessely

Koenraad Sterckx, 2013-2016