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  • In BV-03-4086 (cf. sources), these six guitar works were bound together by Legley's son under the name Métaphores - Metafora. Whether Victor Legley intended these pieces as a whole is not clear.


  • instrumentation: guitar


  • Dialogue[1]
    • time signature: 2/4
  • Canon (Serait-ce possible?)[2]
    • time signature: 3/4
  • 2.[3] Danse presque bulgare
    • tempo: Assai vivo e leggiero
    • time signature: 7/8
  • 2b.[3] Encore plus bulgare
    • time signature: 5/8
  • La mort du petit lapin
    • Paleyrac 87 (août) - Woluwe 88
      • tempo: Mesto
      • time signature: 5/8[4]
  • (Petite Mélodie?)[5]
    • tempo: Andantino e semplice
    • time signature: 2/4 and 6/8


  • autograph: Royal Conservatory Brussels (B-Bc), shelf number BV-03-4086


  1. Legley's note Les positions de ces accords, c'est pour toi and the relatively sloppy nature of the manuscript suggest that this is only a preliminary version of the work.
  2. Whether this is a kind of subtitle or a note for Legley's personal use is not clear.
  3. 3.0 3.1 Numbered by Legley thus.
  4. Legley notates this time signature as 5, he also notates 4 instead of 4/8 etc.
  5. This is probably a provisional title.