Een lied der blijdschap/en

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  • Song on lyrics by Bert Decorte.
  • Completed on 15 September 1956 in Woluwe.[1]


  • instrumentation: tenor and piano
  • text incipit: Maar ik kan blij zijn [But I can be happy]
  • tempo: Allegro giocoso
  • time signature: 3/8
  • duration: ca 2'


  • autograph: Royal Conservatory Brussels (B-Bc), shelf number BV-03-4085
  • first edition: CeBeDeM, Brussels, 1959


  1. Tessely (p.143) and CeBeDeM give this work the opus number 50, which is undoubtedly a mistake, as Legley gave this number to his third string quartet, which however was also completed in 1956.