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dedicated to Louis Devos

Opus 47


  • This song cycle on texts by Hubert Van Herreweghen was completed by Legley in November 1955 in Woluwe.
  • Nothing is known about the first performance.[1]


  • instrumentation: voice[2] and piano
  • duration: ca 4'45"[3]


  • I. Vóór dageraad [Before dawn][4]
    • text incipit: De flessen weg, en alle boeken toe [The bottles away, and all the books closed]
    • tempo: Moderato
    • time signature: 4/4
    • duration: ca 1'45"
      Legley 47-1.jpg
  • II. Torre de Belem
    • text incipit: Lui en traag de Taag [Lazy and slow the Tagus]
    • tempo: Moderato
    • time signature: 3/4
    • duration: ca 1'25"
      Legley 47-2.jpg
  • III. Amalia Rodriguez[4]
    • text incipit: Klagen zoals de tortels klagen [Wail as the turtles wail]
    • tempo: Andante
    • time signature: C
    • duration: ca 1'35"
      Legley 47-3.jpg


  • autograph 1: Royal Conservatory Brussels (B-Bc), shelf number BV-03-4085
  • autograph 2: Royal Conservatory Brussels (B-Bc), shelf number BV-03-4085
  • first edition: CeBeDeM, Brussels, 1956


  1. The first performance that De Roeck was able to retrieve (p.356) took place in 1964.
  2. Legley's autograph and the first edition do not specify a voice type. Tessely (p.141) and De Roeck (p.355) both give tenor, but presumably the cycle can be performed by other voice types as well.
  3. CeBeDeM gives 7', the first edition 8', This, however, is contradicted by pencil notes in Legley's autograph. De Roeck (p.355) even gives 10'.
  4. 4.0 4.1 Originally, Vóór dageraad was the third and Amalia Rodriguez the first song.