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  • Legley chose for this work the poem Het lied van 't Maagdelijn[2] by Karel-Lodewijk Ledeganck.[3]
  • Nothing is known about the composition process, but it is certain that the ballad was registered by SABAM on 9 March 1948.[4]
  • During the Ledeganck commemoration in the Ghent Conservatory on 23 November 1947, this composition was performed for the first time by the choir of the B.N.R.O. (the present Vlaams Radiokoor) conducted by Jan Van Bouwel.[5]


  • instrumentation: soprano solo and mixed choir (SATB)
  • text incipit: O leeuwerik, tot de wolk gevlogen [O lark, flown to the cloud]
  • tempo: Molto andante
  • time signature: 6/8
Legley Ballade.jpg


  • handwritten parts: Music library of the former NIR[6], shelf number GEM 10654


  1. Possibly this work bears the opus number 31. See opus 31.
  2. Here and there Legley changed the text in his composition.
  3. K.L.Ledeganck & J.F.J.Heremans (Ghent, 1883): Gedichten van K.L.Ledeganck met eene levensschets des dichters, pp.VIII en 223. According to this publication, Ledeganck's poem is based on a poem in French by the Belgian poet André Van Hasselt (1806-1874).
  4. Stamp on the soprano part (cf. sources).
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  6. Now kept in the Royal Conservatory Brussels (B-Bc).