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Opus 2


  • Song cycle on texts by Alice Nahon, Albrecht Rodenbach and Felix Verbeke.
  • The songs in this cycle are probably early[1] songs that Legley revised in the first half of the forties. Only the music of Avondliedeken has been preserved.
  • On 29 November 1943, the songs were performed in the city theatre of Ypres by soprano Irène Verhack and pianist Alice Vandenbroucke, this was presumably the first performance.[2]
  • On the page early works, this opus number is discussed further.


  • instrumentation: soprano and piano
  • duration: ca 8'30"


  • 1. Avondliedeken [Evensong][3]
    • text incipit: 't Is goed in 't eigen hert te kijken (Alice Nahon)[4]
    • first version finished on 5 Juni 1933 in Ypres, later (forties?) revised
    • tempo: Andante[5]
    • time signature: 6/8
    • key: B b major
    • duration: ca 2'30"
      Legley 2-1.jpg
  • 2. De zwane [The swan][6]
    • text incipit: [Des hemels spiegel, mild en frisch] (Albrecht Rodenbach)[6]
    • finished on 2 April 1943 in Brussels[7]
    • duration: ca 3'30"[7]
  • 3. Eenzaamheid [Loneliness][6]
    • text by Felix Verbeke[6]
    • finished on 29 March 1943 in Mechelen[7]
    • duration: ca 2'30"[7]


  • autographs of Avondliedeken (first and later versions): Royal Conservatory Brussels (B-Bc), shelf number BV-03-4092


  1. The first version of Avondliedeken dates from 1933.
  2. Programme of Huldebetoon Victor Legley [Tribute to Victor Legley]: 1 & 2. In this programme the Avondliedeken is called Avondklacht, we assume this is a misprint.
  3. The original version of this song had the opus number 4 no.4.
  4. Later, Legley composed two other works on this text: one for female choir and one for soprano and piano.
  5. In the first version gematigd [moderate].
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