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dedicated to Walter Legley[1]

Opus 98


  • This composition[2] was commissioned by the Flemish Brass Band Federation, for the third Flemish national brass band competition in Strombeek-Bever on 15 and 16 November 1980.[1]
  • The work was completed on 19 November 1979.[1]
  • First performance on 30 May 1980 by the Black Dyke Mills Band conducted by David Loukes.[1]


  • instrumentation: brass band
  • duration: ?


  • I.[3]
    • Andante, senza rigore, come improvvisando
      • time signature: 3/4
    • Allegro risoluto
      • time signature: 6/8
    • Andante
      • time signature: 3/4
  • II. Molto allegro (after the finale of symphony II)[3][4]
    • time signature: 2/4


  • first edition: Maurer, Brussels, 1980[5]


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  2. Volharden means to persevere.
  3. 3.0 3.1 De Roeck (p.513) erroneously writes that Volharden consists of one movement.
  4. This movement is, despite a difference of 104 bars, a rather faithful transcription of the finale from Legley's second symphony: here and there, a few bars are left out or added, the orchestration is evidently changed, the original flow of ideas, however, has remained.
  5. A copy of this edition is preserved in the Royal Conservatory Brussels (B-Bc) (no shelf number yet - Legley archives), containing the following text in Legley's handwriting: Avec toute ma | vieille amitié à | Norbert Grimberghs | 30.V.80 | Vic Legley.