The Way of the Cross

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  • In the years 1948 and 1949 we find this work announced for broadcast on Good Friday (26 March and 15 April respectively). In 1948, the declamator was Herman Niels. The text was based on Paul Claudel's Chemin de la Croix, in a translation by Anton Van de Velde.[1]
  • It is likely that Legley wrote a kind of music for accompaniment, in which the text was then declaimed. That Legley, a Freemason, would have written religious music is somewhat curious. One is inclined to think that there is a mistake and that it was, for example, Joseph Ryelandt's setting (opus 110 from 1934) of Claudel's text that was performed. However, the words with which Legley is characterised in the press articles, which probably came from the N.I.R., seem to exclude any other composer.
  • Of the music itself there is no trace, possibly Legley destroyed the scores.


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