Symphony 5

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dedicated to Paul Strauss[1]

Will meine Zeit mich bestreiten
ich lasse es ruhig geschehen.
Ich komme aus anderen Zeiten
und hoffe in andre zu gehen. (quoted freely after Franz Grillparzer)

Opus 64


  • On 15 November 1965, Legley completed this symphony. It was written at the request of the Festival van Vlaanderen.[2]
  • The first performance, during the Festival van Vlaanderen, took place on 11 September 1967 at the Royal Opera in Ghent, the performers were Paul Strauss and the BRT Groot Symfonie-orkest.[2]


  • instrumentation: symphony orchestra[3]
  • duration: ca 28'


  • I.
    • time signature: 4/4
      • Quasi adagio e molto tranquillo
      • Allegro risoluto e molto energico
      • Quasi adagio e molto tranquillo
  • II. Allegro vivo
    • time signature: 3/4
  • III. Andante, quasi adagio
    • time signature: 9/8
  • IV. Presto
    • time signature: 2/4


  • photocopy of the autograph: Royal Conservatory Brussels (B-Bc), no shelf number yet (Legley archives)


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