Sonata for viola and piano

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Opus 13


  • Legley finished this sonata 23 November 1943[1] in Brussels.
  • The first performance was played by Gerard Ruymen (viola) and Frieda Pey (piano) in January 1945 during the Séminaire des Arts in Flagey in Brussels.[2]


  • instrumentation: viola and piano
  • duration: ca 17'30"[3]


  • I. Adagio (12/8) - Allegro moderato (12/8)
    Legley 13-1.jpg
  • II. Lento (4/4)
    Legley 13-2.jpg
  • III. Allegro scherzando (3/4)
    Legley 13-3.jpg
  • IV. Moderato (2/4) - Giocoso, ma non troppo vivo[4] (2/4)
    Legley 13-4.jpg


  • photocopy of the autograph (score and part): Royal Conservatory Brussels (B-Bc), Legley archives[5]
  • first edition (score and part): CeBeDeM, Brussels, 1955


  1. The viola part of the first edition mistakenly gives 23 IX 1943.
  2. CeBeDeM - lijst werken: Oeuvres de Victor Legley, p.1. More details are not known.
  3. Thus in the autograph. CeBeDeM and the first edition give 18', De Roeck (p.266) give 19'.
  4. In the viola parts of the autograph and the first edition: ...vivace.
  5. The autograph itself could not yet be traced.