Small carnival overture

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dedicated to André Rieu


  • Legley composed this work between 21 and 30 January 1954 in Brussels.[1]
  • Tessely (p.36): In 1954, the Maastricht City Orchestra commissioned Victor Legley to compose "Carnival in Maastricht" with Jan Mul and Malti Niël. In Legley's "Small carnival overture" there are two episodes: the firing of the canon and the hanging of the Mooswief.[2]
  • First performance on 24 February 1954 in the Maastricht theatre by the Maastrichts Stedelijk Orkest conducted by André Rieu.[3]


  • instrumentation: symphony orchestra[4]
  • tempo: Allegro molto
  • time signature: 4/4
  • duration: ca 4'


  • first edition (study score): CeBeDeM, Brussels, 1958


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