Serenade for strings

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dedicated to Beatrix Legley-Souvage[1]

Opus 44 no.2


  • Legley composed this serenade in 1957, at least according to the first edition.
  • In December of the same year he was awarded the first prize of the Belgian province Brabant for his composition.[2]
  • The first performance took place on 1 July 1958 in the pavilion of the province of Brabant at the Brussels World's Fair and was played by the chamber orchestra of the N.I.R. under the direction of Edgar Doneux.[3]


  • instrumentation: string orchestra
  • duration: ca 15'


  • I. Allegro molto e grazioso
    • time signature: 4/4
  • II.
    • Molto allegro e energico
      • time signature: 9/8
    • Un poco più vivo
      • time signature: 2/4
    • Tempo primo
      • time signature: 9/8
  • III. Andante
    • time signature: 4/4
  • IV.
    • Allegro strepitoso
      • time signature:
    • Moderato
      • time signature: 3/4
    • Presto
      • time signature: 2/4


  • first edition (study score): CeBeDeM, Brussels, 1958


  1. The first edition reads: voor Bea [for Bea].
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    In CeBeDeM - lijst werken: LIJST VAN DE WERKEN VAN VIC LEGLEY 22.6.1976 (p.3) the first performance is erroneously mentioned as an afternoon concert in Brussels in December 1958, brought by the Liège orchestra under the direction of Julien Ghyoros.