List of works by Alphonse Wellé

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Title Genre Year of composition Shelf number[1] Remark
[fragment of a composition] 1879 BV-11-1032 only the last page has been preserved
Je pense à toi Song 1881 BV-11-1024
Le voyageur Song 1881 BV-11-1026 uses a translation of Der Wanderer by Schmidt von Lübeck, the poem that inspired Schubert as well
Bouton d'oranger Mazurka 1884 BV-11-1021-(1) onderdeel-2, BV-11-1021-(3)
Gavotte Gavotte 1885 BV-11-1029, BV-11-1035-(1)
Les sapeurs pompiers de Bruxelles March 1890 BV-11-1019, BV-11-1020 onderdeel-2 dedicated to Fr. Sénéwald
Gloire aux arts March 1894 BV-11-1009-(1), BV-11-1009-(2), BV-11-1009-(3) dedicated to the Belgian queen Elisabeth
Gavotte caprice Gavotte 1897 BV-11-1012-(1), BV-11-1012-(2)
Belgique héroïque Symphonic poem 1928 BV-11-1017 onderdeel-1 dedicated to Théo Mahy
Faune Song 1933 BV-11-1002 text by Georges Marlow; this song was perhaps composed for a competition, on the title page, Wellé wrote down Devise: L'Azur symbole de l'amour
La Valse du Vieux-Bruxelles - Exposition 1935 Waltz 1934 BV-11-1005-(1), BV-11-1005-(2), BV-11-1005-(3), BV-11-1005-(4), BV-11-1005-(5) subtitle: Allons-y-Marie et vive la valse; dedicated to Ch. Fonck and Messieurs les réalisateurs et amis du Vieux Bruxelles 1935
Danse espagnole Waltz 1936 BV-11-1025 original title: La Passionaria - Valse Espagnole
Le petit prince Albert de Liége Intermezzo 1938 BV-11-1015-(1) onderdeel-2, BV-11-1015-(2) onderdeel-2, BV-11-1016, BV-11-1033 dedicated to the later Belgian king Albert II
Hymne à la paix Hymn 1939 BV-11-1022 uses the French, British and American national anthem
Noces d'argent royales 1900-1925 Gavotte 1901? BV-11-1013 original title: Hourra, un prince est né, probably this work was composed on occasion of the birth of the later Belgian king Leopold III
Centenaire Belge: 1830-1930 March 1929-1930 BV-11-1004-(1), BV-11-1004-(2) dedicated to the later Belgian king Leopold III; uses Où peut-on être mieux by Grétry, Valeureux Liégeois by Ramoux and the Brabançonne by Van Campenhout
Prince Umberto March 1929-1930 BV-11-1011-(1), BV-11-1011-(2), BV-11-1011-(3) onderdeel-1, BV-11-1011-(3) onderdeel-2, BV-11-1011-(4) dedicated to the later Italian king Umberto II
L'âme de la nature Suite 1930-1931 BV-11-1007-(1), BV-11-1007-(2), BV-11-1007-(3), BV-11-1007-(4), BV-11-1007-(5), BV-11-1007-(6), BV-11-1007-(7) only the first part was completed, the second was sketched, the third never begun; dedicated to Eugène Ysaÿe
Bruxelles - Exposition universelle et internationale March 1932-1935 BV-11-1003-(1), BV-11-1003-(2) dedicated to Adolphe Max
Foire commerciale de Bruxelles March 1933-1934 BV-11-1001 onderdeel-1, BV-11-1001 onderdeel-2, BV-11-1001 onderdeel-3 original titles: Vieux. Bruxelles. Exposition. 1935 and Foire internationale de Bruxelles (1936)
Albert Ier et Reine Astrid Overture 1937-1938 BV-11-1014-(1), BV-11-1014-(2), BV-11-1014-(3), BV-11-1015-(1) onderdeel-1, BV-11-1015-(2) onderdeel-1, sketches in BV-11-1033 to the memory of the Belgian king Albert I and queen Astrid
Liège et Meuse 1939 March 1938-1939 BV-11-1010, sketches in BV-11-1033 uses Le chant des Wallons by Hillier, Valeureux Liégeois by Ramoux and Où peut-on être mieux by Grétry
Au bord du lac Symphonic poem unknown BV-11-1008
Intermezzo for horn, flute and orchestra Intermezzo unknown BV-11-1023 Wellé also wrote down parts for other solo instruments, e.g. cello instead of horn
L'amour plus léger que le papillon Waltz unknown BV-11-1000-(1), BV-11-1000-(2)
La poule aux œufs multicolores Polka unknown BV-11-1034 only the title page is still preserved
Les étudiants and Salut aux étudiants Mazurka unknown BV-11-1020 onderdeel-1, BV-11-1021-(1) onderdeel-1 only the introduction of both works is different
Liége, la Marne et l'Yser March unknown BV-11-1006-(1), BV-11-1006-(2), BV-11-1006-(3), BV-11-1006-(4) to the memory of the soldiers perished in '14-'18; original title: Colonia-Marche
[piece in a minor] unknown BV-11-1036 by Wellé?
[piece without name] unknown sketches in BV-11-1033 sketch
Qui est Tu [sic] Mazurka unknown BV-11-1027
Retour du camp unknown no score seems to have survived, it's name is mentionned in BV-11-1018
Semois unknown BV-11-1031
Souvenirs et regrets: improvisations pour piano Improvisation unknown BV-11-1028 only the first piece is preserved
Valse Waltz unknown BV-11-1030 youth composition


  1. Refers to the catalogue of the library of the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel.