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18 short pieces for piano

dedicated to Nelson Delle-Vigne

Opus 80 [no.2][1]


  • Legley composed this cycle in 1974.[2]
  • Originally, the second movement of Legley's third piano sonata was a part of this cycle.[3]
  • First performance in 1976 by Nelson Delle-Vigne at BRT.[4]


  • instrumentation: piano
  • duration: ca 18'


  • I. Andante e mesto
  • II. Lento e tranquillo
  • III. Allegretto grazioso
    Legley 80-2-3.jpg
  • IV. Andante
    Legley 80-2-4.jpg
  • V. Allegro energico
    Legley 80-2-5.jpg
  • VI. Andante
    Legley 80-2-6.jpg
  • VII. Semplice, un poco andante, sempre legato, dolce e espressivo
    Legley 80-2-7.jpg
  • VIII. Moderato ma molto ritmico
    Legley 80-2-8.jpg
  • IX. Bulgarissimo
    Legley 80-2-9.jpg
  • X. Andante semplice
    Legley 80-2-10.jpg
  • XI. Indolent
    Legley 80-2-11.jpg
  • XII. Moderato cantabile e semplice
    Legley 80-2-12.jpg
  • XIII. Commodo
    Legley 80-2-13.jpg
  • XIV. Mesto
    Legley 80-2-14.jpg
  • XV. Non troppo allegro
    Legley 80-2-15.jpg
  • XVI. Allegro non troppo e un poco pesante
    Legley 80-2-16.jpg
  • XVII. Semplice (andantino)
    Legley 80-2-17.jpg
  • XVIII. Sempre molto ritmico (7/8 and 8/8)
    Legley 80-2-18.jpg


  • autograph: cannot be found
  • first edition: CeBeDeM, Brussels, 1976. Fingerings by Nelson Delle-Vigne.


  1. Opus number 80 was assigned to Esquisses as well, therefore we use the numbering proposed by De Roeck (p.458).
  2. First edition.
  3. This is evident from a note by Legley in the sonata's autograph: In werkelijkheid sinds lang begonnen, gebruikt deze sonate als trage bew. een stuk dat oorspronkelijk deel uitmaakte van "Brindilles" en dat op 5.XII.70 geschreven werd voor de te jong overleden Jan Brys. [In reality begun long ago, this sonata uses as slow movement a piece that originally was part of "Brindilles" and that was composed on 5.XII.70 for Jan Brys, who died too young.] A sketch of this slow movement bears the title N° 5, which allows us to assume that it was the fifth part of Brindilles.
  4. CeBeDeM - lijst werken: LIJST VAN DE WERKEN VAN VIC LEGLEY 22.6.1976, p.4. More details are not known.