4 Miniatures for viola

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dedicated to Diederik Suys

Opus 118 nr.1[1]


  • Legley worked on these pieces from March[2] to 27 August 1991, at the request of Diederik Suys[2].
  • On 13 December 1992, Diederik Suys performed the miniatures for the first time in Herentals in the series of Aperitiefconcerten.[2]


  • instrumentation: viola
  • duration: ca 12'


  • I. Andantino grazioso e cantabile
    • time signature: 3/4
  • II. Allegro con furore - Andante doloroso
    • time signature: 2/4
  • III. Moto perpetuo[3]
    • time signature: 2/4
  • IV. Adagio doloroso
    • time signature: 4/4


  • Youtube: recording of the third movement by Pam Ryan.


  • autograph: Royal Conservatory Brussels' (B-Bc), shelf number BV-03-4077.
  • first edition: CeBeDeM, Brussels, 1994'


  1. Probably Legley wanted to include other works in this opus number.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 De Roeck, p.561.
  3. This piece can be performed very freely according to Legley's description: Cette pièce n'en est pas une! Tout, mouvement, nuances, liaisons sont au gré de celui qui ose le jouer.